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HOF Amsterdam


Finding the perfect workspace is something most businesses struggle with, especially in the early stages when budgets are limited. If buying is totally out of your league, or you simply don’t want to risk investing in the unstable property market, then renting could provide the perfect solution. For freelancers, who usually work from home but want a professional office to rent away from the spare bedroom, there are single-desks available at House of Fashion. We provide Corporate Memberships, Social Memberships or Meeting Room Use.

What?            We have workstations and office space for rent at our representative and light office  
                         at the Singel 146 in Amsterdam.

Who?              For those who are looking for a short or long term professional, trendy, modern office
                         space in downtown Amsterdam.

Where?          In the very heart of Amsterdam; Singel 146

Full time Membership (24 / 7)
You will be given the key to the office, where you can concentrate at your fully equipped workstation. It will give you a professional appearance to your customers and you will have the opportunity to use the meeting room for any business related appointments. In addition, you may, if desired, join lunches, dinners, receptions and all other facilities.  The Corporate Membership cost only € 375, - per month. This includes access to the wi-fi network, printer and copier, coffee, tea and use of the meeting room. You can register your company at Kings Square and of course you can receive your mail.
Furthermore, you are invited to all activities organized by House of Fashion Amsterdam.

Part time Membership (during office hours)
You can also become a Social Member of House of Fashion without taking a permanent fully equipped workstation. You can plug your laptop in during business hours. The Social Membership starts from € 187,50 - per month. This includes access to the wi-fi network, business room, coffee & tea.
Furthermore, you are invited to all activities organized by House of Fashion Amsterdam.

Conditions and key issues:
- For corporate members, we are open 24 / 7.
- For Social Members, we are open from 09 am 6 pm and during social and business events
- Includes storage space for corporate members.
- (Wireless) Internet is available to anyone
- You will have the possibility to join us during our fun and friendly lunch appointments
- Printer / scanner and other equipment is available
- Notice period: 2 months

Finding your dream working environment may be easier than you think, please contact House of Fashion, which is located in the very heart of Amsterdam, by phone 06-39674259 or email; info@hofamsterdam.com